Disney's Studio's opened it's doors in 1989. Much of the park is geared towards the movies and television productions.
There's amazing experiences like the 'Backlot Tour' where you get to see behind the scene's of movie making in a canopy covered tram. You'll experience first hand how special effects are created for the movies. Keep an eye out along the way for famous props you might recognize from famous movies like 'Indiana Jones' or 'Flight Of The Navigator'. The tour will take upwards of 45 minutes but it's well worth it.
There are plenty of thrilling rides here too with the likes of 'Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror' were you plunge 13 floors in a broken elevator with plenty of scary visual effects along the way.
'Rock 'n' Roller Coaster' takes you on an indoor low lit high speed coaster ride to sounds of Aerosmith. Your in a Limo starting your journey at five g's. Best to eat after the ride.
Take a trip down memory lane with 'The Great Movie Ride' where you'll see those great movies relived from past to present.
'Muppet Vision 3D' will prove a great hit with the kids but it will also astound the parents too.
Eating out at Disney Studios is no ordinary experience. Go to the Sci Fi drive in and you sit in a car watching old 50's B Movies.
If you want to have your family in fits of laughter then try the 50's Prime Time Café. Just make sure you eat all your dinner up or a member of staff will soon feed it to you. You'll find other places available to eat if your looking for a quieter experience.
To end your day here you have to take in 'Fantasmic', which is a spectacular fireworks and laser display where Mickey the sorcerer takes on the Disney Villains.
You will be able to see all of Disney Studios in a day without having to rush.
The park has something for everyone young and old and the tours available are relaxing, but will still amaze you.