It might seem a bit strange putting on your bathing suit to go skiing, but you'll soon get used to it.
Ranked number 2 in the U.S, Blizzard Beach is a water park like no other.
The 66 acre park might look like a scene from 'Cool Running's', but still has a very tropical feel to it amidst all the (fake) snow.
Team boat Spring's - The whole family can enjoy one of the world's longest raft ride's. It's kind off like sitting in a large paddling pool with your whole family beside you. It's 1200 feet of fun and laughter.
Downhill Double Dipper - A side by side racing water slide that's 200 feet long and 50 feet high. This ride is based on an Olympic downhill ski race with timer's and a finishing gate.
Runoff Rapids - Choose from 3 different waterslide's here - each with it's own unique experience's.
Toboggan Racer - An eight lane waterslide where rider's can race each other to the bottom on their own toboggan.
Summit Plummet - A bit like 'The Twighlight Zone Tower Of Terror' at Disney Studio's without the safety harness. This one is for the bravest of the brave as it's one of the world's tallest and fastest (you'll travel at speed's between 50 and 60 mph) free fall slide's. If it's not for you it's still great to watch.
Snow Stormer's - Three fun waterslide's to race on. All in the style of a slalom course so expect plenty of turn's.
Slush Gusher - Not as bad as the name suggests this ride is a less dramatic version of Summit Plummet.
Cross Country Creek - Chill! Yes that's the best way to describe this relaxing slow river raft trip that totally lap's the entire park, so there's no need to hop off to start again as it completely loops. You can join this ride at various location's.
Melt-Away Bay - Covering an area of 1 acre this wave pool is the perfect place to have a splashing time. There's waterfall's here as well as a sun kist white sandy beach.
Chair Lift - What ski resort would be without a chair lift. Take the lift to access the attraction's at the top of Mount Gushmore
Ski Patrol Training Camp - A great area for older children who maybe cant ride the bigger ride's. Lot's of activities' to explore here including waterslide's, a zip line and a floating iceberg course. Important - The water at this attraction is 8 feet deep so children should be competent in the water here.
Tike's Peak - For the little people. Yes the kid's will love this part of the park. A shallow watered area that is like a miniature version of the main park.
Shower's and locker's are available to hire at the entrance to the park.
Parking at Blizzard Beach is included in the admission price.
With all that snow Blizzard Beach will certainly make you feel cooler on a hot day.
A fun day with a difference.