Explore The World - Discover The Future

Epcot will take you a very full day to cover. It really is that big. There are two main parts to Epcot which are completely different. You could say it's like two parks in one.
Walt Disney wanted to make a playground for adults and here it is, although there's plenty for the kids too.
The first area known as Future World is based on the future and today's advanced technology. Here is where you'll find most of the rides in Epcot. You'll find new rides like 'Test Track' and 'Mission Space'. You'll also discover that the great golf ball that everyone associates with Epcot is just not there to look good. It is a fascinating leisurely ride that takes you inside the ball spiraling to the top and back as you journey through time. You'll also be able to watch live shows in this part of the park.
The second area of Epcot is called the 'World Showcase'. This is kind of like being able to take a walk around the world in a day. It is all centered around a stunning lake. Around the lake you'll find countries of the world like Norway, Mexico, Germany and many more. Each of these countries has restaurants and landmarks just like the real thing. You'll find people working there who are native to each of the lands and there'll be plenty of cultural dancing going on throughout.
Illumination's: Reflections of Earth is an amazing
firework and laser show that brings the park to a close each night. Before it starts try to get a good spot around the lake early as you don't want to miss this show.
You could rush Epcot in a day but to really appreciate it two days would be good.
It's not often you go to a theme park and come out educated but with Epcot you will as well as having lot's of fun. You'll come out with a refreshing approach to life and an appreciation of what the world is all about.