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Gatorland - Situated on South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando is a 110 acre theme park that opened in 1949. Still owned by the same family today, the park is one of the oldest attraction's in Orlando. Celebrating Orlando's most famous inhabitant's - The Alligator - Gatorland is a refreshing break from the other theme park's in the area.
Gatorland is a slow paced half day park that demand's no great thought or concentration to enjoy what it has to offer. If you've visited the other major theme park's in Orlando, you'll find Gatorland a great way to recharge your battery's with it's relaxing go as you please surrounding's.
What's At The Park
Gator Jumparoo - Don't try this at home. Watch some of the world's largest alligator's jump up to 6 feet in the air as they snap food from trained attendant's hand's. Some time's they can be a bit stubborn to jump but if they're really hungry they'll soon put on a show.
Gator Wrestling - Gatorland's top trainer's get to show an audience of up to 800 the power of the Gator here. Watch as they jump onto an 8 foot alligator to demonstrate the power of it's deadly snapping jaw.
Critter's On The Go - Not so dangerous here as kid's get to meet some of the world's more friendlier creature's.
Up close Encounter's - Snake's and other animal's are the main attraction's here. You'll get to see some of the world's deadliest snake's in the flesh.
NEW! Screaming Gator Zip Line - An all new 1200 foot, seven story Zip Line that take's guest's high over the park's attraction's including over one hundred hungry alligator's waiting below. Just don't let go.
Other attraction's at the park include an aviary, petting zoo, nature walk, Gatorland express train and Gatorland Gully Splash Park.
Eating At The Park
Gatorland has two very reasonable priced eating venue's. You have the snack bar and Pearl's Smokehouse.
The snack bar is as you'd expect with all the usual suspect's including hotdog's and pizza.
Pearl's Smokehouse has a great range to choose from including salad's and believe it or not Gator Nugget's. It does feel slightly intimidating eating alligator when your completely surrounded by them, but they do taste really good.
Just watch out while your eating as the park does attract some rather large bird's who are always' willing to steal your lunch.
More Information
Gatorland is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily
Parking is free
Pram's (Stroller's) and wheelchair's are available to rent at the park
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