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It is a well known fact that Florida and the Caribbean are prone to the odd hurricane. It can be a bit of hit and miss whether you'll be unlucky enough to be there when one hit's. Some year's are definitely worse than other's. Last year (2010), there wasn't any hurricane's that hit Florida or indeed the whole of the United State's.

Let's get straight to the point here, hurricane's can be dangerous. The worst ever recorded death's from a hurricane was in Texas in 1900 where 8000 people died. Nowadays' though we have advanced technology and safety precautions in place. Warning's of an impending hurricane are usually received well in advance.

The study of hurricane's has shown that certain condition's need to be in place for one to form including sea temperature and cloud formation.

Casualties from hurricane's are relatively few compared to year's ago but damage can still be a huge concern. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina caused $81,000,000,000 of damage (a new all time record). The majority of death's from hurricane's are caused by drowning, due to the flooding that occur's from the storm surge.

When Is The Hurricane Season In Florida?

The hurricane season as a guide run's for six month's, from the start of June till the end of November with the middle of this period having the highest probability of a storm (August to October). The likely hood of being caught in a storm is quite small (as last year prove's), but if you find yourself in Florida on holiday and you are caught in a hurricane then remember you are in the one place where people are totally used to it. For years the resident's of Florida have put up with them so if one happen's they all have their safety plan's put to work. Hotel's are always' prepared for the storm's if they come so you can be sure you'll be well looked after and reassured by the staff untill the storm passes. Sometime's guest's may be asked to move to a storm shelter. You should always' pay close attention to any advice given as these people know best. Remember hurricane's don't just appear without warning. You usually have around three day's or so of a warning so there's no need to panic.

Florida also known as the Sunshine State is one of the world's top destination's with Orlando being the most popular area to visit. The weather at the most part is beautiful, but on the downside it can go to the other extreme 'The Hurricane'. If you do happen to be unlucky enough to be there when it happen's, don't panic. These storm's do pass and you will be able to carry on with your holiday as normal after a day or two.

If hurricane's are your one great fear and it is the thing that stop's you from visiting Florida, then remember you can always' travel outside the hurricane season for peace of mind.

My advice to you would be this. Hurricane's are a product of nature. If it happen's, it happen's and there's nothing any of us can do. It probably won't happen but if it does it'll pass. The theme park's can wait for a day or two but don't let the force of nature ruin your holiday.

Enjoy your trip.

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