Universal Islands Of Adventure

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Opened in 1999, Island's Of Adventure in Orlando became Universal Studio's latest venture. The two park's together formed what is known today as Universal Orlando Resort.
This expansion also included new hotel's and the entertainment area City Walk. Universal was no longer just a one park pony in Orlando but instead an all in one multi theme park entertainment resort.
Island's Of Adventure opened with six very different land's (or island's as their known as) to explore. In 2010 it's latest expansion and ultimately seventh land appeared to complete one of the most exciting theme park's in the world.
The Seven Island's Of Island's Of Adventure
  • Port Of Entry - Your adventure start's here. This is the entry point of the park. You'll be broke in gently here with shop's and restaurant's to explore. The landmark Pharos Lighthouse is also situated here
  • Marvel Super Hero Land - Based on the comic book, Marvel Super Hero Land take's you on a journey of comic book fantasy and feature's all the classic character's like Doctor Doom and Spider Man
  • Toon Lagoon - Both kid's and adult's can enjoy this island which feature's exciting water log ride's and pretty much everything else that will leave you soaking wet
  • Jurassic Park - Based around the popular movie, this island take's you on an adventure featuring many exciting exhibit's and ride's along the way
  • The Lost Continent - Ancient myth's and legend's are the theme of The Lost Continent. Show's and a fantastic high tech walk through attraction are featured here
  • Seuss Landing - Based on the classic children's book's by Dr.Seuss ie:The Cat In The Hat, this area is every kid's dream with mind bending ride's filled with amazing colour and architecture
  • The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter - Hogwart's come's to life in Island's Of Adventure's newest land. A total recreation of the popular movie's complete with Hogwart's Castle. More Information
Attraction's At Island's Of Adventure
  • Incredible Hulk Coaster - Travel at up to 65 mph in this Incredible Hulk themed Roller Coaster. You'll feel the G-force big time when this ride start's.
  • The Amazing Adventure's Of Spiderman - A 3D adventure ride with a difference. This ride not only let's you experience the magic effect's of 3D, but add's a new dimension by having you sit in a moving vehicle
  • Doctor Doom's Fearfall - You'll be tossed about like a human yo-yo on this ride. You'll experience as much as 4G's on this one
  • Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Fall's - One of the most fun ride's you'll ever experience. It's a mix of a slow moving roller coaster ride with a log flume ride featuring deep water dip's and some hilarious talking character's along the way. This is an enjoyably long ride that has you indoor's one minute then outside the next
  • Popeye And Bluto's Bilge Rat Barge's - A large river raft ride where rider's sit in a circular position in a huge water raft while being taken down stream through all sort's water hazard's. Just remember to take advantage of the water proof storage area in the middle for this one as you'll need it
  • Me Ship The Olive - Board Popeye's ship and experience many interactive activities. For the younger one's
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure - If your not wet enough yet you will be after this large scale Jurassic adventure
  • Pteranodon Flyer's - A kind of roller coaster style ride. You board a two seater suspended chair lift type contraption which then take's you on a not to fast tour around camp Jurassic
  • Camp Jurassic - A fun play area for younger children
  • Poseidon's Fury - An exciting walking mystery tour , would be the best way to describe this attraction. You just don't know what to expect next. Poseidon's Fury has an unforgettable conclusion which is well worth the wait
  • The Cat In The Hat - Dive straight into the mixed up world of Dr Seuss. You'll tour a crazy house where pretty much anything will happen while strapped into a six seater couch. It's just like having a really crazy dream, but it's load's of fun
  • The High In The Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride - Tour the entire area of Seuss Landing onboard your very own trolley train. You'll get a bird's eye view of what's happening below, all to the sound of audio from the Dr Seuss book's
  • Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey - Travel through Hogwart's Castle interacting with all your favorite scene's from the movie's. Fan's of the Harry Potter film's and book's will absolutely love this attraction
  • Dragon Challenge - Hold on tight in this duel dragon themed roller coaster where you get to choose which one you want to ride
  • Flight Of The Hippogriff - Travel around the hidden forest and explore the world of Harry Potter on this calmer than normal roller coaster
Other Attraction's
There's always' a photo opportunity wherever you go in Island's Of Adventure. Character meet and greet's are happening at regular part's of the park so the kid's can always' get that all important autograph.
Apart from the many exciting ride's there's also many great show's to take in. You'll see everything from stunt show's to amazing stage show's. Just check at the park for show time's.
Island's Of Adventure is one of Orlando's most colourful theme park's, with some of the most technologically advanced ride's around.
Restaurant's are in no short supply at the park with price's and taste's to cover all range's. Character dining is also available for the kid's.
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